Training Tracker


GlobalAccess - When monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of your corporate employee-training program, it can be a challenge to see the big picture when you have employees spread across the state, country, or globe. When your training records are stored on our servers you can search and view them anytime and from any place in the world.






Online Record RetentionThe Bandit Training Tracker is an online search engine for all of your employee online training records. Each employee has an Employee Profile page which records and tracks the employee's name, occupation, employment location, picture, and a list of completed training. Using this search engine, you can search and report information based on course name, occupation, employment location, and by the names of specific employees. There are many other filters that are provided to enable you to quickly retrieve the information you need in the format you need. This makes reporting a breeze and saves you time!



Training Matrix This feature is designed to provide you an adjustable visualization of employee training. Employee names are listed on the left and course names are listed across the top. If an employee has completed a course, the date of that completion is posted where the employee name and the course name meet. The matrix identifies when a training or certification has expired and needs to be redone. When viewing the matrix you can click on any employee name, course name, or training completion date for additional information. Matrix results can easily be copied and pasted into Excel spreadsheets for further customization.


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Records, Old and New The Bandit Training Tracker is not just a record of the courses taken using the Bandit University platform, but can be used to report on training completed in any system, at any time. In many situations, this information can be directly imported into the system. In some situations, this may require you to send us your training records. Once uploaded, they will be track-able from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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