Online Training


Global Access – Moving your training program to the Bandit University platform provides increased flexibility as you can offer it to a much larger audience. Employees in remote locations are no longer disadvantaged by their distance from the corporate office. If they have an Internet connection, they have what they need to begin learning. One of the main difficulties faced by traditional training delivery programs is the ability to ensure that everyone who needs to be trained is in the same place at the same time. This is not always easily doable. Inevitably, some employees will miss the training session due to production needs or unforeseen emergencies. When your training materials are stored on our servers they can be delivered to your employees anytime and from any place in the world.



Standardization  Messages often lose their accuracy when passing from one person to another. Online training gives you the confidence to know that your message is reaching your employees in exactly the way you intend. Changes or updates to course materials happen in a centralized location and are delivered immediately in a uniform manner across your organization, eliminating the need for a staggered or trickling roll out to your employees. This allows you to communicate process changes, improvements, or updates more cost-effectively.



Testing and Auto Grading – Design your own tests with True/False, Multiple Choice, or Fill-in-the-Blank questions and Bandit University will grade them automatically! Employees will know the outcome of their efforts immediately, and as an Administrator, you’ll have access to recent and historical employee completion records as well as an interactive training matrix.


Multimedia Support – The Bandit University online training platform is anything but one-dimensional! Documents, PDFs, pictures and diagrams can be easily loaded or linked into training courses as an additional layer of data or to add depth to a PowerPoint presentation. Load training videos or a recorded address from your company head for all of your employees to see and hear!




Cost Benefits – The Bandit University platform was specifically created to help businesses reduce the costs of training a workforce that is spread around the globe.Typical traditional training costs generally include:

      • Trainer Fees

      • Airfare

      • Vehicle Rentals

      • Fuel

      • Hotels

      • Per Diem (meals)

      • Training Space

      • Production Shutdowns

Bandit University allows you to eliminate these costs and provides a way to deliver employees the same quality content that they would receive in a classroom…at a fraction of the price!

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